I've explored many crafts in my growth in creative expression. Living as a Graphic designer, motion designer, photographer, web programmer, 3D modeler, and VFX compositor has brought a unique insight that serves me well in my first love – cinema. Being an editor allows me to get my hands directly on the story. Touching the images, sounds, and music, and molding them into an experience that explores the two sides of the dramatic human experience, comedy and tragedy.


As an editor and storyteller, I have explored the depth of these dynamics in many stories. In a glimpse of what it's like to grow up in the unforgiving streets of LA in SOUTH CENTRAL LOVE, experiencing the descent of the twisted mind of a betrayed husband in the dark comedy DEAR FRANK, and understanding the importance of human connection under the pressure of one's emotional brokenness in DO YOU BELIEVE? I've even had the pleasure of assisting on one of television's most awarded dramatic horror series, AMC's THE WALKING DEAD. 


As a Visual Effects Editor, I've helped craft and share amazing experiences visually. I've worked with powerful superheroes at Marvel Television with LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST, and THE DEFENDERS. Helped to bring to life the magical and hypnotic underwater world of sea creatures and mermaids in Freeform's SIREN. And most recently, contributing to merging the physical and animated worlds for another adventure on SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY. I'm grateful for the experiences and excited for the next steps in this journey.


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